Hardwood – Newport Beach, CA

Hardwood floors are a classic feature many people still choose to have in their homes to this day. Not only do they look nice, but they are also typically easier to keep clean than carpeted floors. To preserve your hardwood floors and prevent them from wearing out or getting ruined, here are a few things you should and should not do.

1. DO sweep or vacuum your floors regularly.

Dirt frequently gets tracked across into your home and across your floors. Food crumbs often get dropped. Hardwood floors are convenient because it does not take a lot of effort to clean up the things that end up on them. You can simply sweep them up or run a gentle vacuum across them at least once a week to keep them clean. 

2. DO use a wood polisher and a microfiber mop or cloth regularly.

Besides sweeping your floors, you can help preserve them and keep them looking nice and fresh by regularly spraying and wiping them. You should either spray a small area of the floor or spray directly onto your microfiber cloth and then wipe the floor. It is especially a good idea to do this on floor areas that get a lot of foot traffic at least once every one to two weeks. 

3. DO NOT use furniture polish, wax, or oil cleaners on your hardwood floors.

The wood polish you use on your hardwood floors is different from the kinds you would use on your wood furniture. Make sure you are using a polisher that is specifically for hardwood floors. You also do not want to use any wax or oil cleaners on your floors because they can damage the hardwood and change the texture of the floor.

4. DO clean up any spills immediately.

Accidents happen. Things get spilled on the floor. If any liquid falls on the floor, it is a good idea to blot up the spill immediately. Do not let it sit there for a long time because you do not want to risk it staining the hardwood or damaging it in any way. 

5. DO NOT use powder cleaners, soft clean cleaners, or vinegar to clean your hardwood floors.

hardwood Newport Beach CAYou do not want anything that puts your hardwood at risk of damage or discoloration on your floor. This includes cleaners that are not specifically designed for hardwood floors. Always read labels when you are purchasing cleaning products, and do not try home remedies such as vinegar when you do not know how it will affect your floor. 

6. DO use floormats to help keep your floor clean.

The easiest way to make sure no damage occurs is to prevent it in the first place. It is a good idea to keep doormats where people can wipe their feet before crossing the hardwood floor nearby so dirt, mud, and grime do not get tracked across your home.


If you want your hardwood floors thoroughly and deeply cleaned by a professional cleaning company, be sure to call The Most Thorough for your cleaning needs. They will ensure that your floor is cleaned properly and you are satisfied with your hardwood.