Natural stone flooring is a beautiful way to give your home a classic look. However, natural stone can be difficult to keep clean. Properly cleaning your stone helps prolong its life and keep it looking nice. When you hire a professional to help you with your natural stone floor cleaning, here are the steps you can expect them to take. natural stone cleaning services newport beach ca

1. Inspection and Preparation

Different types of natural stones might require different treatments. A professional cleaner will determine what your floor needs. They will also protect the surrounding areas to be safe to make sure no damage is done as they are cleaning. 

2. Cleaning

The cleaning process will vary depending on the type of stone and whether it is inside or outside. A professional cleaner will be able to know what kind of cleaner is best for whatever kind of stone your floor is made out of. They will then use the best method to clean it, whether by machine or by hand. 

3. Removing Scratches

Any scuffs or scratches in the stone can be removed through a process called diamond grinding. A diamond abrasive will pair with water to fix any scratches or blemishes that have shown up in the stone. In some cases, it also removes old polish that used to be there. This also prepares the floor for whatever sheen you will add to it at the end. 

4. Polishing

One of the best parts of having a natural stone floor is the natural shine that shows on the smooth stone surface. Polishing after the diamond grinding will finish repairing any scratches or scuffs in the stone to make it completely smooth and add the finishing shine that you want in your stone.

5. Sealing

The last thing that happens when you have a professional clean your natural stone floor is sealing the stones. There are several levels of sealers available. Sealer helps to protect the stone to reduce scratches and scuffs in the future so you will not need to get it repaired for a long time. 

What You Can Do

Between getting your natural stone floors professionally cleaned and polished, you can keep them clean using a simple soap detergent with a little water. You can even use dish soap or hand soap. It does not take a lot from you to clean them regularly. When you wash them, you want to make sure you also rinse the cleanser off thoroughly so it doesn’t cause any hazing on the stone.

What Not to Do

When you are cleaning your natural stone yourself, you should never use a cleaning product with acid in it. It can cause burns to the stone that will damage it. A more mild cleanser is all you will need to keep your stone floor clean.

Natural Stone Cleaning Services—Newport Beach, California

If you have natural stone floors in your Newport Beach home, call the professionals at The Most Thorough to get your floor cleaned and polished. Our team of experts is here to help you remove any blemishes and scratches and keep your floor shining beautifully.