Stay Beautiful Program

Our process provides a regular pre-scheduled maintenance of all your hard surfaces, fine textiles/fabrics Indoors & Outdoors

Stay Beautiful Program

Every home or office needs regular maintenance to Stay Beautiful, our Stay Beautiful Program is designed to provide a regular pre-scheduled maintenance of all your hard surfaces, fine textiles/fabrics indoors & outdoors.

We will Create a Custom Programfor all your natural stone, tile & grout, hardwood floors, carpet, fine area rugs, upholstery, leather and shower glass walls through this Custom Program your home or office will Stay Beautiful.

A Stay Beautiful Program Is Like a Service Agreement, you might buy when you buy a new appliance. But the big difference is, if you purchase a Service Agreement for a new refrigerator, that refrigerator might run fine for thirty years then you’ve wasted your money. But you know your hard surfaces fine textiles/fabrics are going to get dirty again and again making cleaning, sealing, protection or restoration mandatory. That’s why the Stay Beautiful Program is a Service Agreement With a Guaranteed Value.

With the Stay Beautiful Program we preschedule appointments and we come to your home or office Every 6 Months.

Here is the biggest benefit for you, for the same amount of money as a yearly cleaning, sealing or polishing service we will work on your hard surfaces and fine textiles/fabrics twice, you will get two service appointments instead of one!

The Following Is A Regular Investment Sample:

Lets say your One Year Investment without the our Stay Beautiful Program is $500. When you sign up to the Stay Beautiful Program your First Payment will be  $41.66 and the same amount automatically paid by credit card for the next 11 months.

A similar investment applies to any hard surfaces, carpet, area rugs, upholstery & leather - cleaning, sealing, polishing.

A Stay Beautiful Program lets you keep the highest Clean Carpet Appearance Level Year-Round, notice the graph on the right side. The red dotted line indicates a favorable appearance level that is maintained over time.

Stay Beautiful Program for Your Home 

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